How To: Make a Simple, Tileable Timer in Minecraft.

Make a Simple, Tileable Timer in Minecraft.

The Customizable timer

Ever wanted to make a simple timer that ranged from 5 minues to whatever you wanted?  It's actually fairly simple!  In this tutorial I walk you through every step of the way and have a video to show you it in more detail.

You can make this timer anywhere from 5 Minutes to 150 minutes and beyond, you can make it as large or as small as you would like as long as it is a 5 minute interval.

The science of this is that an item despawns after 5 minutes and therein lies our circuit concept.

The step by step format is right below this video so stay tuned!

This is a basic showcase of the idea, please show your support :)


The very first thing you need to do is get your blocks ready.  You will need 4 types of blocks for this creation.  If you are making this in survival, each 5 minute timer will require

  • 3 blocks of your choice
  • A dispenser
  • 1 Redstone Torch
  • 1 Wooden Pressure plate- Please note that stone pressure plates do not register item pressure.
  • 576 items of your choice (9 stacks of 64) for the dispenser.  Cobble is likely the most available resource for this.  

How to Make a Simple, Tileable Timer in Minecraft.


How to Make a Simple, Tileable Timer in Minecraft.

The very first thing you need to do is place your blocks in the manner shown above.  This will make more sense later.  That block on the top is our dispenser and underneath is simply white wool, which was my block of choice.

This is our basic frame and it does not get much more complex than this!


(1) Place your pressure plate and torch next and we are almost done!, (2) The final part, a block in front of the dispenser, stops fired blocks from getting catapulted away and instead fall below the block.

In this step, you place your pressure plate and torch as shown, we are mostly finished at this stage.  The last block to place you need to place on top of the pressure plate (as you can't build 'on' a furnace.


How to Make a Simple, Tileable Timer in Minecraft.

You will now place your 576 items (9 stacks) into the dispenser.  This will allow for maximum use and give you 576 uses before it needs to be refilled.

Step 5 ANY ADDITIONAL TIMERS (times over 5 minutes)

Simply put, this design is made to be tile-able.  The images below will be simple enough to understand, if further information is required, let me know!

(1) 10 minute timer, (2) 15 minute timer

You can essentially add as many as you want to get whatever length you want and to make it even better, it's easy to do!


There was a guy who checked out my design, who devised a method to make it turn, here is his gallery regarding this process

Hope you have found this useful!


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Steve, you're awesome. Your stuff is always so polished and simple!

Thanks mate! :) Appreciate the support!

how does it work i built it waited but nothing happened

the blocks despawn after 5 minutes and trigger the next one. What didn't 'happen'?

I am making a machine that at the touch of a button grass extends out for a few minutes so that cows will spawn then retract the grass after the timer is up to kill the cows. The issue is I like to use your timer but I dont know how to connect it to my machine. If i put three redstone lines out the grass stays extenede out forever...Halp Please!

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