News: Defeat Trespassers With a 1-Block-Wide, Unbeatable Combination Lock

Defeat Trespassers With a 1-Block-Wide, Unbeatable Combination Lock

The buttons are mid way up the wall and there is no visible redstone, which adds to the sexiness factor.

All the redstone is nicely concealed and it's fairly neat, this method is pretty useful and has a lot of external applications! Hope you find it useful!!

Not only this, the door is untamperable, which means you have to use the combination lock.  I go into a little bit of detail on how it works on the video, but essentially I get some of my design from CNB Minecrafts combination lock design and made it my own.



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Good lord, this is amazing! Great job, Steve!

Thanks mate :D. Glad you like it :)

I love the open door trick, too! Your work is seriously amazing, no lie. =)

And your words are seriously appreciated, thank you.

I am quite impressed, i wish i could get the blue print for my freinds 3x3. He is a redstone genius.

I could make one of those with a schematic if you want! :)

Yeah haha, it's still fairly simple, but yeah. lol

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