Two cool hidden door concepts you can use for secret minecraft bases.

So I couldn't help but notice that a lot of the hidden base designs in minecraft are cliche and obvious, the two I am about to show you would never be found legitimately unless someone saw your name through the ground or followed you.

I don't know what the official name for my first switch would be as it's kinda like a BUD switch, but not really. All I know is that it works pretty well! The concept is described in the video, but it is not a BUD switch in that it only reacts to certain block types.  The second works off of my pressure plate 'bug' thing I posted.

The first one that is, the items go through the pressure plate and hook up to a T flip flop as shown.

In case you scrolled down and missed it, the second door utilizes similar technology to the first device in this video. Note that the fence does not stick to glass. Use glass in your system for best effect.

I hope you like the video or can find it useful.


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